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Artist Statement

     Mark Peyton is a Richmond-based photographic artist who works with digital and large-format film cameras. His artistic process involves constructing scenes for the camera, with careful attention to the materials used. Working with materials like torn or cut paper or plastic, he creates places and locations in front of the camera which are physically impossible according to the laws of our world yet appear as alternate realities that seem to allow the viewer to enter and exist within. The constructions range in size from a few inches to a few feet, taking advantage of the camera’s ability to manipulate space and disguise scale.

     Within these worlds there often lies narrative potential. The figures, subjects, lighting, color palette, and the order in which the images are sequenced create a sense of theatrical drama. The images often show the darker sides of the constructed worlds and invite the viewer to piece together the mystery.



2018 Virginia Commonwealth University BFA Photography and film



2018    Richmond, VA: "804-248-4861" VCU Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition

2017    Richmond, VA: VCU Pollak Building "Open Nite"

2017    Richmond, VA: Studio Two Three "That's Not Good Enough"

2017    Berlin, Germany: GlogauAIR "Ash Land Berry Farm" VCU Study Abroad Group Show

2016    Richmond, VA: Anderson Gallery "VCU Undergraduate Art Show 2016"

2016    Richmond, VA: Depot Gallery "Gallery Materie"

2015    Richmond, VA: Anderson Gallery "VCU Undergraduate Art Show"

2013    Richmond, VA: SunTrust "Youth Art Month Exhibition"


Grants and Awards:

2017    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship Undergraduate Grant

2014    Scholastics Art Competition 2014 Silver Key



2017    Blacklist Literary Journal